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Beaches and Islands Around Koh Lanta , Lanta Island

"Welcome to the paradise of Lanta Island"

"The ocean is warm and clear...the beaches of fine sand.

Exposed to the Tsunami hit southern Thailand , Koh Lanta was very fortunate in that no damage occurred to the natural scenic beauty. Koh Lanta got very little physical affected. Koh Lanta quietly recovering with most hotels operating normally. All the beaches remain as beautiful as ever. All dive sites did not suffer in the disaster, rather the water is cleaner and clearer than ever.

Koh Lanta is thin and long island. The ferry or car ferry will docking at the north most of the island call Baan Saladan; the gate way to Paradise. Start traveling on Koh Lanta at Baan SalaDan Village, a typical Thai fishing village where most of boats from Phi Phi and Krabi terminate. Boat for snorkeling or diving are available here; you can hire a motorbikes rentals from here as well. From Baan Saladan, drive down to the south with distance 30 Km will take about one hour. The road will end at Koh Lanta Marine National Park office where the lighthouse; symbolic of Koh Lanta located. Beware that half of the way is paved road, the rest is unpaved; dusty, bumpy and up hill and down dale. But both sides are stunning view.

Since Koh Lanta possesses both marine and terrestrial endowment, there are many interesting attractions and activities waiting for your to covery, be it beaches, dense rain forests, or cultural experience in sea gypsies' village. Koh Lanta are absolutely its wonderful beaches and crystal clear water. Most of the best beaches of Koh Lanta lies along the western shore of Lanta Yai Island, each of which has its characteristic beauty and provides the excellent sunsets. The east coast is the mountain covered with rich tropical rainforest. All nine beaches located west coast of the island along north to south. Try to get down to the end; The National Park area with two curved beach, is wonderful !!!

Kor Kwang: Its aquamarine water together with its finest sand offers you the real sentiment of relaxation. The beach is well-known for its nicely curved shape and its desertedness.

Klong Dao : It is a spectacular three kilometer stretch of white sand and shallow clear water, located two kilometers from Saladan pier. Here is the first beach to be developed on Koh Lanta, just over 5 years ago with its spectacular sunsets and white sand landscape we can see why. The beach is straightly lined with casuarinas, offering dazzling sand, tepid and translucent water as well as the panoramic view. Excellent, safe swimming makes this the most popular family beach on Koh Lanta, but even in peak season this huge beach never get crowded, and a short walk will find you a patch without neighbors. This is then a great place for isolation and relaxation. The beach offers a wide selection of up-market and small family owned resorts with something for all budgets.

Pra Ae or Long Beach: It is just a south of Klong Dao and well-known as Long Beach. It is a stunning crescent of sand some 4 kilometers long, lying on the northern end of the island. The beach is steeper and the water not as sheltered as at Klong Dao which makes for spectacular and safe swimming for adults. The resorts here are spread out over a great distance, mainly clustered at the north end and south ends. Accommodations are affordable and the food is delicious and abundant. Most visitors find Long Beach 'deserted', even in peak season.

Klong Khong: A little further south is Klong Khong Beach, another three-kilometer stretch of sand with palm tree and good collection of resorts famous for their sunsets and laid-back locals. The small beach Klong Khong offers extremely peaceful and serene atmosphere, standing nine kilometers from Ban Saladan. You can see the rock when the low tide; here is the house of underwater life. With its small size, the sand is limited; however, there are plenty of coral reefs offshore providing an excellent opportunity for diving. The abundance of sea life makes for nightly beach feasts second to none. Swimming and snorkeling is excellent right off the shore.  Bungalows price here are substantially lower than the northern beaches, and many are small and Koh Lanta local family-owned.

Klong Nin: Turn right off the paved road on the same way to National Park is Klong Nin Beach, a few kilometers stretch sand beach with emerald green-water. It may not be a place for any water sport activities, but perfect if you need a real secluded and relaxing paradise. Along the beach covered with the tropical tree, coconut and pine trees; the back end is the greenish of tropical rain forest. Like almost all beaches on Koh Lanta, Klong Nin Beach offers tranquil and peaceful atmosphere; its sand is white and fine. Bungalows are scattered down along few kilometers beach ranging from simple, inexpensive family bungalows to more upscale pool and spa resorts.

Kan Tiang:  It is a spectacular stretch of white sand and iridescent aquamarine water will retain you for long time that you will never want to go anywhere else, excellent swimming surrounding by the mountains of Koh Lanta National Park. This small beach is only one kilometer long feel very privacy. There are excellent corals for snorkeling as well. Kantiang beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, lying 18 kilometers south of Baan Saladan. Just only a few resorts on the beach make this tiny beach secluded, ranging from simple family own resort until to only one five stars resort on Koh Lanta.

Far South Beach: There are a few beaches on south most of Koh Lanta before get through the National Park area. All are the tiny beaches with a few hundred meters sand beach; Ao Nui, Ao Mai Pai (Bamboo). The beaches are very secluded and dessert. Around the area is the high mountain covered with tropical rain forest of National Park area. The distance and condition of the road make less people come here but the reword is true nature, silent and peaceful. There are just only a few resort on these beaches mostly is small family own resort with no star. If you want to hide away here is perfect.

Ao Nui: A bit further south of Kan Tieng, curved beach with white sand and clear water with only a hundred meters. On shore covered with the perfect tropical rain forest and back drop with the high mountain which make this beach cut out of outside world. The tide is shallow which is very perfect for swimming. There is still don't have any resort on the beach make this beach very dessert and secluded. Do the picnic or rest park during on the way to national park is excellent. There is one family own resort just a few hundred meters away up hill.

Ao Mai Pai or Bamboo Bay: The beach surrounded by high mountain of Koh Lanta National Park, make it privacy and cast away from the outside world.  Here is good place for swimming which the tide is not deep with small wave. The northern part of this beach is a bit rocky which can snorkel to see some small fish. The last beach before get through the National Park area, a bit curved beach with around five hundred meters long with white sand and clear water. One hour walk uphill can see a small waterfall and cave. There are just a few basic resorts spread along the beach.

Klong Jark: This is the southern most beach on Koh Lanta. The nearby deserted beach like Mai Pai and the National Park are also the good secluded places. You can go to waterfall in the surrounding area by elephant trekking or self trekking. Despite its average beauty by most standards, the beach offers its solitude and tranquility, making it a good place to stay.

Koh Lanta National Park: There are two beaches in the National Park; Had Hin Ngam (Beautiful Stone Beach) and Tanod Beach (Palm Beach). These two beaches are on the National Park area where there are no resorts. The road to here from Klong Hin beach becomes narrower and has some quite sudden dips and rises, sometimes sharp curves. Around the area rich and diverse with great tropical nature, trekking trail, bird and wild life walk way, great views where a lighthouse is located (the symbol of Koh Lanta). This marine park is at the southern tip of the island at the end of a spectacular drive. The beach here is a great place for a picnic, and dont forget to prepare your own food and drinks.

There are several interesting islands to visit for its excellent snorkeling and diving sites, since Koh Lanta embraces more than 50 islands.

Koh Ha: The large pelagic sharks and whale sharks are often seen here. Koh Ha is under responsibility of the Koh Lanta National Marine Park, Consisting of five uninhabited islets. These five islets are visited for their flourishing corals, reef fish, caves and swim-through caverns which cerate a good dive.

Koh Rok Nok: Camping is permitted on the island. The offshore coral bed is good for snorkeling. With its crescent shaped bay featuring cliffs, white powdery sandy beach and a stand of banyan trees inland, Koh Rok is extraordinarily magnificent.

Koh Rok Nai:  The island is featured by the sheer towering limestone cliffs facing the white fine beaches on the east side. There are also the camping sites on the island. Its waters are clear aquamarine, so clear that the colorful fish and abundant corals underwater can be seen. The virgin nature of Koh Rok Nai is still intact, and this is one of the most wonderful dive sites of Lanta. The inland area is covered with a dense tropical rain forest which offers a natural walk to appreciate its floras and faunas. The sub-division of the Koh Lanta National Marine Park office is located on this island.

Transportation to Koh Rok Nok and Koh Rok Nai can be made from Kho Lanta; the boat service is available at hotels, resorts and tour agencies on the island. Or, you can take a speed boat from the Pakmeng Pier in Trang, taking about 3-4 hours.

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