Koh Chang Koh Chang is the 2nd largest Thai island, named Elephant Island because it is said to resemble the profile of an elephant. Koh Chang is situated some 330 km East of Bangkok in the province of Trat and is some 40 kilometres long and 16 kilometres wide.

Beaches in Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

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White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach the longest and most popular beach on Koh Chang. It is about 2.5 kilometres long and lined by rocks, over-hanging palms and broad-leaved trees.The southern 1.5 kilometre long area, located at the road, is during the season the busiest part of the entire island. The main road runs pass all the resorts, shops, restaurants, pubs and coconut groves. It is the best place for those who enjoy the white wonderful sand and the association with other travelers: most visitors prefer coming to this beach that makes the beach so colorful.The beach slopes gently into the sea and is very wide during low tide attracting hordes of visitors, especially in the evening, when it transforms into a playground. Regular football and volleyball games are played as the sun sets right off its shore.

Arrival & Departure: White Sand Beach can be reached from the piers in approximately 15 minutes by taxi for 30 Baht. If you have advanced bookings you should tell the taxi driver the name of the resort or the hotel, otherwise you can get the driver to stop anywhere you want by knocking on the car-body.
The departure times of the taxis to Dan-Kao-Pier are subject to seasonal change, so check in advance.

Klong Prao Beach and Laem Chaiyachet

This is another long sandy beach. They are situated south of White Sand Beach. Klong Prao Beach, growing rapidly into popularity after White Sand Beach. The area is covered with coconut grooves and wild vegetation. At the northernmost part of the beach is the rocky Laem Chaiyachet or Chaiyachet Cape which is an ideal site to watch the magnificent sunset or the sunrise above the southern hills of Bang Bao. Laem Chaiyachet is a favourite on-shore fishing ground. A fishing pier is erected near the cape which is also a great viewpoint for the whole of Klong Prao Bay. The road runs almost everywhere in suitable distance from the beach and accommodation. Two small islands, Koh Suwan and Koh Rom are located at the southern end of Khlong Prao Beach.

Kaibae Beach

Kai Bae Beach (Haad Kai Bae) is situated south of Khlong Prao Beach. It is an almost 2.5 kilometre-long beautiful sand beach, which is partially lined by over-hanging palms and broad-leaved trees. Beaches on the southern coast are also guaranteed of its beauty and tranquility. Like all beaches on the west coast Kai Bae- Beach is flat, but nevertheless all the time suitable for bathing. In the dryer months, at low tide however, one must walk up to 100 metres to the deeper waters. Four islands, Koh Yuak, Koh Pli, Koh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai, are idyllically placed in the bay. At low-tide Koh Man Nai can be reached by foot.

Bailan Bay

Bai Lan Bay located at the southern end of the west coast, near the Kai Bae Beach. Bai Lan Bay is one of the very quiet beach of Koh Chang if you like the private beach and nature life for relax. Let go there.

Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach is an enclave of simple beach huts, sporadic generator electricity, and limited running water.

The best day really depends on the person. You can bask in the sun while intermittently slipping into the beautiful ocean, spend a few hours sea kayaking along the rugged coast, embark on a day in the jungle, or get a taste of how Thai people truly live in one of the small fishing villages populating the area.

Lonely Beach provides the opportunity to indulge in every imaginable aqua activity while at the same time being content with a good book.

Bang Bao Beach

Bang Bao Bay is a well protected bay at the southwest end of Koh Chang. The quaint fishing village Baan Bang Bao is built on stakes far out into the bay and has become quite a popular attraction. Many seafood restaurants offer a rich selection of fresh seafood and small shops sell souvenirs or refreshments. Bang Bao Bay has lately become a resort and recreation area with bungalows built on selected scenic sites. The beach at Bang Bao has clear waters with rocks and corals off its shores. A good place to fish, snorkel and swim.

Klong son Beach and Khor Khao Bay

Situated northwest of Koh Chang, this is the first beach as you disembark and head west of the island. It is approximately 1.5 kilometres wide, at the southern part scarcely 2 kilometres long and at the northern section easily 3 kilometres. Had Klong Son is a wide beach with plenty of coconut trees. Two small islands are located at each end of Khlong Son Bay - Koh Chang Noi in the northwest and Koh Mapring in the southwest. This is popular with the fishermen as a port, since it is quite well protected against the violent winds during monsoon. The Premwadi Resort has a pier suitable for fishing and a powdery beach safe for swimming.

Than Mayom Beach

Than Mayom Beach is one of the nice beach near the Than Mayom Waterfall which this water

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