Koh Chang Koh Chang is the 2nd largest Thai island, named Elephant Island because it is said to resemble the profile of an elephant. Koh Chang is situated some 330 km East of Bangkok in the province of Trat and is some 40 kilometres long and 16 kilometres wide.

Activities at Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

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Diving on Koh Chang
A group of about 10 islands south of Koh Chang have coral reefs and are ideal for diving and fishing. Boats to the island can be hired from Ao Cho, Laem Sok Pier or Laem Ngop Pier that will take you to the islands where the diving is good. Diving season in Koh Chang is from October until May. The diving around Koh Chang is at reasonably shallow depths at 5 - 25 meters. Visibility is between 7 and 30 metes. There are fantastic reefs with a variety of corals. The main dive sites are Hin Luk Bat, Hin Sam Sao, Hin Raap and Koh Rang.

Diving on Koh Chang

Snorkeling on Koh Chang
The best time to go snorkeling is also between October and May. There are beautiful snorkel places with shallow depths around Ko Chang. Such as Ko Wai, Ko Kra and Ko Rang. During high season we offer 4-5 day trips weekly. All trips start in the morning, including lunch. You will be back before sunset.

Kayaking on Koh Chang
You will never get bored here. Just hop in one of the kayaks and spent some time cruising the waters.

Trekking on Koh Chang
There are two Elephant Camps on Koh Chang. One in Klong Prao is Chang Chutiman Company and one in a jungle valley in the north of Koh Chang. Ban Kwan Chang or the Klong Son Elephant Camp is supported by the Asian Elephant. Foundation to provide a natural environment for elephants and their mahouts (Kwan, in Thai). The camp opens with a half-day tour from 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. which include elephant bathing, feeding, performance and a 1.30 hour elephant trek into the forest. Elephant Trekking is fun. Come and enjoy, see how to take care Elephants and see how they work with them. Go on a Jungle ride and finaly wash the Elephant in a clear jungle stream. The cost is 900 Baht inclusive of transportation to and from your resort, your drinking water and bananas & coconuts for you to feed the elephants.

Trekking on Koh Chang

Fishing & Boating

Leisure trips can be arranged at most resorts, beaches, fishing villages and from Laem Ngob. Popular activities are snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. There are establishments along the White Sand Beach, Klong Prao, Kai Bae and Bang Bao that organise boat trips in groups. You can register to join them. Fishing is a relaxing way to spend your vacation in Trat and Koh Chang lying offshore is probably the best spot to partake in this leisure activity. It is advisable to bring your own fishing gear and tackle as there are no rental shops in the area. One can always buy local nets or hooks and lines at the fishing tackle shops youíll find on the mainland if you donít have anything with you though, as it is cheap enough not to break the bank.

Fishing & Boating

Hiking on Koh Chang

The main road west of Koh Chang from Klong Son to Kai Bae is a popular route. The Kai Bae to Bang Bao hike is a challenging experience. Passing through some coconut groves and rubber smallholdings the terrain is steep. Shorter hikes to the waterfalls from their main entrances are gaining popularity. There are footpaths to the waterfalls.

Thai Cooking Courses

Thai cooking as now enjoyed all over the world is a blend of Asian and European influences adopted through centuries of trade and diplomatic exchanges. Thais have traditionally lived close to the land and the waters, and original Thai cooking reflected that. Main ingredients were rice, fish, vegetable and herbs. Very little meat was used, and traditionally beef or buffalo meat was eschewed since the animals were the mainstays of farm life.

Thai Cooking Courses

Thai Massage & Spa Therapy

In Asia, spa has evolved into a concept focussing on the spiritual and natural, drawing from traditions of meditation, respect for nature and the desire to achieve physical and mental well being, the key to maintaining health and beauty. In Thailand, the concept of spa blends with the ancient traditions of natural healing through herbal baths, massage, meditation, and the continued pursuit of inner and outer beauty. Before the arrival of modern medicine in Thailand, the temple was the the centre of learning for all disciplines, including medicine. Monks therefore played the role of doctor and pharmacist, prescribing herbal remedies, steam compresses, massages and other such treatments for the relief of various ailments.

Spa therapy is another choice to feel relaxed and rid away your aching. Most up-scale hotels and resorts offer their unique therapeutic session.

Thai Massage & Spa Therapy on Koh Chang

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Beaches on Koh Chang

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